Doormat size guide: choose the best doormat for your house

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Gone are the days when the doormat was a dull rubber rectangle. Now you can choose the best mat from a huge variety of materials, shapes, and designs: rugs can be modest and inconspicuous or have bright prints and funny slogans.

A modern rug with outdoor use from the threshold will “tell” guests about its owner, so the purchase should be taken with all responsibility. Today we will help you choose the perfect mat with a suitable size.

What is a doormat?

The doormats used on a single door can also be used to protect your home. Doormats are generally installed outside doors, whether they are a back door, a terrace, or the front door. It’s dubbed the outdoor mat.

The basic function of an outdoor doormat removing soiled clothing in soiled areas. They are also known by the name shoe mats. Doormats help keep dirt outside and decrease the chance of dirt and mud being tracked inside the house. It also creates the best impression for anyone who visits the house. That’s how doormat design matters, as do material and dimensions.

Mat considerations

There can be no single mat, even for a single door. The first consideration when purchasing mats is to look inside your home as well. Mats are available in many shapes, sizes, and designs and can have many different characteristics, some of which are very useful.

Consider where the mat will be put. Is there a difference between indoor and outdoor flooring? An outdoor mud wall protects the outdoor environment from dirt and mud. Indoor mats also serve that and protect floors too.

Are there any pedestrians on this site? The bigger the foot traffic, the stronger a welcome mat at your front door should be.

Choose a doormat based on the area in which you live. Houses that are placed in high-traffic areas would be better protected with the thick, best-material, high-quality mats, whereas houses in areas with snow and cold weather are recommended mats that can drain easily.

Best Outdoor Doormat Materials & Advantages

The best doormats should be durable. It’s always good when you need doormats that are heavy are between half an inch to an inch thick. Some doormat manufacturers have used textiles such as cotton, polyester, or synthetic.

Doormats are also manufactured from plastics, such as plastics. Coir is made up of coconuts. Some doormats have nautical ropes like lobster ropes.

Coir Doormats

Coir doormats are becoming a trend in the mat industry. They use eco-friendly and bristly fibers produced by coconut trees. Coir mats can be painted easily and can be customized with any décor.

The material is dependable and water-resistant. Coconut outer husk used as the doormats for coir is not a very soft material.

Coir doormats also have one downside – they don’t feel like walking barefoot much. Another minor disadvantage of a coir doormat is it sheds a little at the beginning of the month. These mats can also include rubber backs, as well as metal frames to add additional details.

Metal doormats

Metal door mats are unusual. This entryway has an elegant and detailed look that will suit your home’s style. This doormat is usually used as a decoration of an old-style house. Metal doormats were also called cast iron doormats. It is durable but very easily cleaned. It has no mildew or mold and is naturally water-resistant.

These mats typically have a rubber backing, also called non-slip backing, to prevent falls. A metal doormat, however, is mainly decorative because it uses a soft material to clean your shoe. So you’re looking for functionality, you may look for other options.

Lobster rope doormats

A lobster rope doormat is another kind of rope doormat that is stronger and more stable. It is made of polypropylene rope that captures fish in seas. This doormat will withstand moisture stains and mildew and will not contaminate with water. It’s possible to use them outdoors for years to come.

The padded surface of lobster rope doormats is sturdy and has a non-slip surface. These have various styles and can be used in many environments as decorations for different types. This doormat also has a flip-over feature that allows for two sides for use on both sides.

Wooden doormats

Wood Doormats are a delight to look at. This makes for warm, welcoming interior design details. A more flexible way to combine this mat with a large fabric doormat is to create spherical patterns. Wood mats may be less effective at performing than any other doormat.

This mat can be cleaned easily but its colors fade quickly once used. The wood floor is also non-removable. These products are unable to withstand a lot of outside debris. In cold climates, which usually freeze water, floor mats can be slippery or dangerous.

Rope Doormats

Rope doormats are made from the marine rope used to fish and sail ships. These mats were created with polyethylene. It is a quick-looking, inexpensive doormat choice. Rope doormats are available in various color combinations and have quite an inviting coastline.

Rope doormat has an elastic, flexible, and breathable feel in warmer temperatures – all of which are great.

However, these doormats can be easily damaged when exposed to winds. They slip when they are wet. The color will fade with time without UV protection.

Rubber doormats

Rubber doormats are probably the most widely used because they offer modern designs. Rubber mats also have strong water resistance and are incredibly flexible.

One problem they have, however, is that they are poorly suited when they are in winter. Rubber mats can get hard and lose flexibility if you use them often in cold conditions. If you are from a cool county, then do it immediately. If your winter has been cold and snowy then this outdoor door mat won’t fit you perfectly.

Fabric doormats

Fabric door mat a carpet door mat. These mats usually work inside but you can also apply the mat outside for color to the entryways. Doormats can be woven in acrylic, polyester, or cotton. The material is soft to the touch but easily washable.

The doormat fabric however is light and slippery. It performs poorly during extreme weather and is easily cleaned which is its greatest problem. Fabric door mats can be used to form a base on the coir door mat.

Wire doormats

Wire doormats have galvanized steel wire that ages over time, giving a rustic-style look. The studios are ideal for cottages, rural communities, or cities. These doormats have wires – they should be considered mesh.

The removal of mud and dirt can help you remove it, but the dirt remains on floors. Therefore, door mat wires cannot withstand snow sands or mud. The use of wires in door covers provides better performance.

Brush Doormats

Brushes are typically mixed with a rubber backing for a versatile doormat. Its design doesn’t seem very oriented, but it is guaranteed to be durable.

Tell me the difference between a doormat that traps dirt and a doormat that passes it through?

Doormats that trap dust, dirt, and mud are more likely to grow bacteria than doormats that trap and release dirt. A doormat that catches mud becomes bogged down by the dust they have accumulated inside.

It’s only possible to get rid of the dirt. This standard doormat thwacking is not only difficult but also time-consuming.

You need to wear a mask to prevent breathing from hitting your doormat. Doormats that trap dirt can be cleaned quickly and efficiently. Remove the hose and remove the dirt as soon as possible.

Do I need an indoor and outdoor doormat?

The door that experiences the biggest foot traffic – the front door – should be enclosed with a wall-mounted doormat. It’s important to clean your outside doormat before anyone leaves your home. It is twofold to collect the shoes at homes which require no shoe wear inside.

The outdoor mat must also absorb moisture in order to keep moisture out. The patio and side door allows you to use only one door indoors or outdoors if that is what you prefer.

What are the best outdoor doormats for removing dirt?

Doormats that are raised weaves have strong bristles to remove dirt. Your mat should hold a strong scrape. Avoid natural fibers for this purpose, such as coir, as it erodes quickly with prolonged usage and high moisture.

Lobster Rope Doors have a raised weave, trapping dirt that reaches the doormat. Unlike nylon ropes, polypropylene will deteriorate with water contact.

What is the best outdoor door mat for rain?

Doors with a quick drying capacity can work well in the rain. Moistures on the outdoor doormat are inconvenient. Having the flexibility to recover from rain and snow is crucial for the long-term lifespan of the doormat.

Select natural products because natural fibers will break down faster as more exposure to water is required.

What is the best outdoor doormat for mud?

Best doormats are constructed from durable plastic that will stand up to intense washing with a garden hose. Lobster Rope Doormats have an extra strong nautical cord with raised weaves to wipe away mud and dirt from shoes and keep them clean.

Size & Dimensions for Outside doormats

The typical doormat for outdoor use has dimensions of 24′′x 32′′. Doormat is available at 20′′x33′′ for this case. The doormat is 18”x30″ in size. These are among the most common doormat sizes used.

Welcome Mat Dimensions

Welcome mat typically measures 18′′x 30′′. In addition, larger mats could be installed as a decorative element – it will make your entrance look even more beautiful.

What size doormat is better for double doors?

The double door is normally 6 ft wide with a door covering 4 ft. wide. It has twice as much space as normal doormats. Double doors need more safety.

Alternatively, you can put two doormats if each door is the same standard size.

How to choose the perfect size of a mat for your home

Most mats are available in two sizes – standard size or custom size. Customizing is obvious, but sometimes it may confuse you when you know your limitations to it. It is even more common when it comes to standard sizing.

We have a standard width to fit a doormat that resembles a commercial standard, which will probably be identical across any mat supplier from Australia. What are the dimensions of standard doormats?

Standard door mat size

Standard doormats measure 90 cm x 60cm. This size can easily fit into the most common door opening sizes 2040×802 mm x 35mm. These are just square mats. Curve doormats are however nonstandard in dimensions per se, but the most popular sizes are 60cmx90cm.

Curving doormats typically have half-oval shapes – like squished quarter circles. Eventually, the straight line has enough length to hit a window.

A warning about bacteria growth on outdoor doormats: safety hazards

It’s very likely that your doormat doesn’t have a waterproof coating. What happens to my doormats after rain shower after rain? Until this is the case, mold and mildew are likely to grow on your property as it walks through your doors.

Dirt and debris can be harmful to indoor air quality, so the only thing you want is that them to come into your home each time a person crosses the limit. Not only does that fungi growth leave a somewhat unpleasant taste — not exactly what you are aiming for!


What is the standard size for an outside doormat?

Usually, they start from 18×30, this is the largest front door mat available today. This works well with a simple door. Normal front doors measure approximately 36″ in height. We recommend a large outdoor window mat, 21X31 or 24×36, or 38.

What size is a normal doormat in CM?

Standard door mats are 90 cm x 60 cm. This site can be accepted worldwide since it comfortably fits on the entire entryway (2040 x 820 mm x 25 mm). Usually, the mat is rectangular.

Should the doormat be wider than the door?

When choosing a rug for the front door, you should carefully study its features. It is important that it is convenient for a person to clean his shoes well – that is, outdoor doormats should not be very small.
It is advisable to choose samples that are slightly wider than the width of the front door and are equal in length to several full-fledged steps.

What is a standard doormat size cm?

The standard size of doormats is 50 x 80 or 60 x 110 cm. This is more than enough to comfortably take off your shoes at the front door without bringing street dirt into the apartment.
For a large hallway, where people often walk in street shoes, there is an excellent option for special carpet doormats of large sizes 100 x 150 cm or 150 x2 00 cm.


No matter if you already have several doormats or have never considered purchasing one, choosing the proper size is crucial.

To collect up any dirt and debris your outdoor doormat missed, you can also consider placing a second mat inside your front entrance. A rug layered underneath can also be used to adorn your entrance.

Whatever the case, make sure you buy the best doormat for the front door that is sizable enough and don’t be hesitant to get multiple doormats for your home’s other entries – both back door and front doors.

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